We can write complete MSDS documents for your products.

Material Safety Data Sheets Required

The Material Safety Data Sheet is the primary document for providing information required by government authorities and customers. Most employers and many kinds of businesses need to make Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available to their employees as well as to their customers and prospects. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates workplace safety for most businesses in the country. As part of this effort, the Hazard Communication Standard of OSHA requires that employers provide information and training to their employees about any hazardous materials they may encounter in the workplace. Manufacturers and suppliers of hazardous materials (as defined by OSHA) must supply MSDSs to the recipients so that their employees have access to the information as well. The U.S. Department of Transportation, the International Air Transport Association and the International Maritime Organization also require MSDSs for transportation of dangerous goods. Many companies today have and enforce policies of not considering a new product unless an MSDS is available, even if the product is not hazardous. Don't remove yourself from consideration by neglecting to prepare MSDSs for your products. When you need a new or updated Material Safety Data Sheet for your products give us a call.

What you will need to provide

1) Your company contact information with a street address and phone number.

2) A 24-hour phone number for transportation emergencies. Common providers are CHEMTREC, INFOTRAC, and CHEMTEL who contract with companies to maintain a collection of the company's MSDSs and respond in the event of transportation emergencies. This number is not necessary if your material is not hazardous, according to DOT rules.

3) The composition for each product, listing all the ingredients by weight percentage. If you make it up volumetrically, i.e., 40 gallons of component A and 12 gallons of component B, etc, we can convert it to weight percent. If you have MSDSs for each of your components, you should provide those.

4) A product name and function or purpose for the product. It may be that one MSDS will suffice for several similar products. If these products all have about the same composition and the same hazards, then it is likely that one MSDS can cover several products.

5) Any test results or analyses that you have available on the product regarding chemical or physical characteristics, toxicology testing or biodegradability.

They may be other items as well, but this list is the minimum and will provide a good starting point.

Document Delivery

We will generally email you a Word file and a pdf for each document. You can make minor corrections or edits to the Word file but we do not recommend that you distribute the Word file outside your company. We provide the less editable pdf for you to supply to customers and emergency responders, since much less mischief can be done with an uneditable document.


Most uncomplicated mixtures without specialized issues can be completed in 6-7 business days. Should you need faster service for some reason, we can expedite preparation of the documents for an additional charge.


We will email you an invoice on completion of the document order with instructions for paying by check, credit card, debit card or PayPal. You can mail a check, call with credit card info or Pay online with Paypal.

Our standard MSDS is good for use in the United States. Canadian, European or more international coverage can be included for an additional charge.

We also offer review of your existing MSDSs to ensure that they meet the latest requirements.

We can review your DOT hazard classifications and Proper Shipping Names for compliance with DOT regulations.

In addition to the MSDS, we can provide label wording for the various warnings and notifications that might be required, depending on the degree of hazard.

Whether you need a lot or a little let MSDS Partners be your partner for these important documents.